Monday, July 16, 2012

Smog on the Blog

PITTSBURGH -- GASP! Group Against Smog and Pollution held a press conference today to talk dirty. Dirty air, that is. (I'm in the light blue shirt.) About a hundred people showed up in the heat and humidity (which meant an extra dose of ozone...).



  1. Leah, don't you see the irony here? If the EPA didn't exist, there would be no such thing as legal pollution. If someone damaged my property with pollution, I could sue them in a court of law. But thanks to government intervention, protecting our property rights becomes legally impossible. The obvious solution is not a tougher nanny state, but rather to shut down the EPA.

  2. Bill, thanks for the WSJ EPA update... For now, I'm going to read and learn. Until I know a lot more about all of this, I'll let you figure out how to dismantle what is broken.

    If everybody sued, lawyers would start to think that we need them and they might get swollen heads. Oops, too late.