Friday, July 13, 2012

Life After WSOP

SOMEWHERE OVER OHIO -- Okay, we're home now, but I tried to write this while on the plane home. Southwest's "free" internet connection was so slow that I gave up trying.

So I had this crazy dream that we went to Las Vegas and Larry played in a marathon poker tournament. It's going to take a day or two to completely shake it off. Paying bills and doing laundry will bring me back to reality pretty fast.

Almost left two items behind. First, I drove away from the hotel while our giant white suitcase watched us go. And then watched us come back. At the airport, the GPS thingy that suctions to the windshield was still stuck there when I got a call to come back out and grab it. So I think we have all of our stuff and most of our wits. 

The GPS thingie sitting on the suitcase looks like a hat that someone from the British royal family would wear.

I plan to keep blogging. We'll think about next year's WSOP but in the meantime, probably other stuff will happen.

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