Thursday, June 4, 2015

Larry's out in 151st place

BACK AT THE HOTEL -- Larry moneyed, but he ran into a nasty hand and went out in 151st place. He paired a Jack, the other guy did runner runner for a straight. Bummer. But Larry moneyed in 2 out of 3 events he played in.

Today's table

I didn't see ANY women in the money at this tournament, but this is Maria Ho, and she might have been in it.

Day Two of 6-Handed Tournament

AT OUR HOTEL -- Day Two of the 6-handed tournament restarts at 1 p.m. We got back to the room around 2:30 a.m. and got to sleep maybe around 3 a.m.

Some numbers:

1,651 entrants. 206 left after Day One. Paying 180. Larry is in 95th place with 52,700 chips. First place is $457,000. The chip leader, with 213,000 chips, will be at Larry's table.

I helped him stack chips as people busted out and the chip stacks got pretty high.

We're ready for today.

At dinner break

Heading back after a break. The weather is perfect, not nearly as hot as usual.

One light is a streetlight, the other is the moon.

Antonio Esfandiari in glasses. He's still in, has about the same size chip stack as Larry for Day Two.

Daniel Negreanu before he busted out early on.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Doing Well in 6-Hand Event

POKER KITCHEN -- 7:22 p.m. We're eating dinner. The dinner break is 90 minutes meaning that if Larry is in it at the end of today's play, that will be sometime after 2 a.m. He's got about 18,000 chips right now. They started with 7,500. He's playing well.

His chair outside the ropes is where I've been hanging out.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

WSOP continued

IN HOTEL ROOM -- Tomorrow (Wednesday), Larry will play in a 6-Handed No-Limit Hold 'em tournament that starts at noon. If Larry's table is close to where spectators can stand, that will be great. It's easier for me to see what's going on when there are only six players at a table.

We checked out the Mob Museum today. It's located in an actual old courthouse where some mob trials were held.

Mail box slots left over from when the building was a courthouse.

The other night, we had a terrific meal at El Dorado, a Mexican restaurant that is located in a rather strange place.

The two businesses have nothing to do with each other, although I'm sure there are some patrons that have visited both.

Excellent empanadas

The Riviera is no more. It has closed its doors, and it will be imploded like so many other Las Vegas casinos long past their prime.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Table 7 Wasn't Lucky

BACK AT THE HOTEL -- Larry busted out at about 5:30. He had pocket Kings. He got all the chips in the middle pre-flop against pocket Jacks and the third Jack arrived on the river. Boo.

Antonio Esfandiari is in that tournament. We also saw Michael Mizrachi and Vanessa Russo.

Larry will play in a six-handed tournament starting on Wednesday. Maybe third time's a charm.

Pot Limit Hold 'em Tournament

POKER KITCHEN -- Larry is playing in a pot-limit hold 'em tournament. There won't be any All Ins, but it will be interesting to see if there are other ways that this type of tournament is different than no-limit.

Ready for start of today's tournament

Brasilia Room
What a different atmosphere in the WSOP poker rooms today. It's so quiet. The only action is in the Brasilia Room, the tournament that Larry's playing in.