Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Poe Boy

BALTIMORE -- This "Poe Boy" is not a sandwich. It's the real (dead) Edgar Allan Poe. I visited his home a while back. If you're a Poe fan, take a look when you're in Baltimore. The house is period, some bits and pieces having been replaced since Poe lived there with his family.

In an effort to save this little historical building, it appears that compromises were made. Yes, the building is still standing in the place it was when Poe lived there, but new housing has been built right up to (and touching) the walls. An odd juxtaposition of old and new.

Check it out further at Poe Baltimore:

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Writing Camp! (Imaginary marshmallows included)

PITTSBURGH -- Kids and summer camp. So many choices. There's soccer camp, swimming camp, rock climbing and camping camp. There's music, art and drama camp. Add to the list:  writing camp.

I got to hang out with about a dozen 5th and 6th grade authors today at Julie Albright's summer camp for young writers at the Kentucky Avenue School in Shadyside. Thanks, Julie and kids!

Here's Julie's assistant writing instructor, Lovey (taking a break):

Everyone working hard on a writing prompt:

I asked the kids why they love writing so much (which they obviously do). Well... they get to write in school, but it's usually something that's too constraining. I heard that a lot. "I want to write what's in my imagination." They love to make up their own characters, and a lot of the kids like those characters to live in worlds where they can make up their own rules. Maybe people can fly. Maybe 6 year old kids are superheros.

Their answers made me smile and I'm still smiling.

Today, writing kicked the @$#%^&* out of soccer.