Sunday, May 31, 2015

On to the Next Event

LAS VEGAS -- Larry busted out in 1,483rd place. Out of more than 22,000 players, that's pretty good. He moneyed, and he played well. It was a crazy but fun day. The remaining players will play until probably close to 3 a.m.

Tomorrow starting at noon, Larry will play in a Pot Limit Hold 'Em tournament. That one will go three days. I hope he goes the distance.

Larry waiting to play on Day 2

WSOP Colossus Day 2

LAS VEGAS -- Play starts at 5 p.m. Folks are eating in what's left of the Poker Kitchen (there are a few tables for eaters while the rest of the place has been given over to poker tables).

Some numbers:  3,448 players will start Day 2. Larry is in place 1,942 with 24,200 chips. He's at table 177, seat 3 in the Pavilion Room. The total number of entrants hasn't been figured out yet. Some people registered ahead of time for more than one "flight" -- for this event there were four flights, A, B, C and D. Larry registered for A and C, but because he lasted through the A flight, he will get a refund for flight C. It makes it complicated to know exactly how many paid entrants there were, but it's somewhere above 22,000.

Heading into the Rio for Day 2

On the roof of our hotel with Hannah last night. Blue sky at night, poker player's delight?

Friday, May 29, 2015

On to Day Two

LAS VEGAS -- Larry made it through Day 1 with 24,200 chips. They think the average is about 32,000 which means they lost about 85% of the entrants for today. (Larry did the math portion of this blog.) Players were busting out so fast that they were shifting dozens of people at a time to other tables to fill in. Larry changed tables at least 4 times. (We lost count, so it might have been 5 times.) When players start on Day 2, they will already be very close to the money bubble.

Exhausted. We get the day off tomorrow and then Day 2 starts at 5 p.m. on Sunday and will run until sometime in the middle of the night. Yawn.

Poker in the Kitchen

LAS VEGAS -- So far, so good. Play started at 10 a.m. for the $565 buy-in that they are calling the Collosus. They will have more than 20,000 buy-ins, but it will probably take days to figure out all of the numbers. I generally sit at a table in the "Poker Kitchen" to blog, but those tables have been replaced by poker tables. They can't afford to waste that space. I don't know where people will eat. The food is still available, but nowhere to sit.

Play started with a measly 5,000 chips. At the end of level 1, Larry had 6,500. People are busting out fast because they can buy in to the other three Day 1 flights. Go big or go home seems to be the theme, at least in this first flight.

Larry is ready to play

When Larry started playing, I got breakfast. The blackish looking thing is a crunchy piece of potato.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's Time Again for the WSOP in Las Vegas!

PITTSBURGH -- We're leaving on Thursday for this year's WSOP lunacy in Las Vegas. What's new? The Colossus, with a $565 buy-in (as opposed to the Main Event's $10,000 buy-in) and a guaranteed prize pool of at least $5 million. Records will be set, but it's hard to know exactly which ones.

The most entrants ever in a live poker event? Predictions are of more than 20,000 players over the four Day 1 starts, so that's possible.

The most toilet flushes in a 2-day span? Potentially the most people (men) ever using the parking lot as a port-a-potty because a whole fleet of port-a-potties won't be enough.

I'll be posting photos (but probably not from the parking lot). Stay tuned.

More details here: