Sunday, May 31, 2015

WSOP Colossus Day 2

LAS VEGAS -- Play starts at 5 p.m. Folks are eating in what's left of the Poker Kitchen (there are a few tables for eaters while the rest of the place has been given over to poker tables).

Some numbers:  3,448 players will start Day 2. Larry is in place 1,942 with 24,200 chips. He's at table 177, seat 3 in the Pavilion Room. The total number of entrants hasn't been figured out yet. Some people registered ahead of time for more than one "flight" -- for this event there were four flights, A, B, C and D. Larry registered for A and C, but because he lasted through the A flight, he will get a refund for flight C. It makes it complicated to know exactly how many paid entrants there were, but it's somewhere above 22,000.

Heading into the Rio for Day 2

On the roof of our hotel with Hannah last night. Blue sky at night, poker player's delight?

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