Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 2 -- Good Night Irene

LAS VEGAS -- Larry busted out just before the dinner break. He played short stacked all day, worked his way back. And then he lost with pocket queens to a guy who played 3/6 of hearts who ended up with a flush on the river. There's a joke in there somewhere about a river and flushing, but I'm too tired to figure it out.

Thanks to everybody who was rooting for him.

Day 2, Still Chugging Along

LAS VEGAS -- Larry is still in. Maybe 30k chips when I stepped away. Up some, down some. I sat with him for the first level because he was at a seat at the table where he couldn't pull all the way in (table leg in the way). It was fun. I could see what was going on, not that I understand much. But then they broke down his table. They "break" tables when people at other tables have busted out. They move an entire table and distribute them to other tables where there is an empty seat. Now he's at a seat where he can reach the chips.

Phil Hellmuth is at a feature table. Didn't have a chance to look for other pros still in.

Next break at 4:20. Fingers crossed.

Some stats:

6,683 people registered representing 83 different countries

693 will get paid (place 693 will get $18,405)

280 women (even less than I imagined)

Average age:  39.28 years

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Made it to Day 2!

LAS VEGAS -- Just dragging ourselves out of bed. That was a loooong day.

Everyone started with 30k chips. Larry's stack hovered around 20k almost all day. And then finally after dinner he won a big hand, and then a few small ones. 41,250 at end of day.

Place 1,148 out of 3,300+ still left. 6,683 played on Day 1. They usually lose about 40% after Day 1, but this year it was closer to 50%.

Several Pittsburgh people still in that we know of.

I ran into Aaron Paul (Jessie Pinkman from Breaking Bad) a couple of times. Was too tired by then to ask for a photo, but he was being really gracious of people asking him.He was there to support a friend who was playing.

Check to see stats. Although it always takes a while for them to get all of the previous day stats recorded. A lot of moving parts to keep track of.



Monday, July 7, 2014

WSOP 2014, Cards in the Air Day 1C

LAS VEGAS -- Registration is down this year. Instead of 8,000, the final number might be closer to 6,800. Just a guess, but folks have been talking about it.

Haven't seen any celebrities (non-poker pros) this year. The whole day seems more low key. Play started 40 minutes ago, and there are still a lot of open but paid-for seats. Folks are dribbling in.

Larry and I ran into a few guys from Pittsburgh who play at Rivers Casino.  The folks who survive today will play again starting on Wednesday.  For now, it's just the beginning of what I hope will be a nice long week.







Sunday, July 6, 2014

Update on Sit & Go

LAS VEGAS -- Larry ended up third at his Sit & Go table. Greg Raymer busted out before him. And it was good to "touch the cards" to get prepared for tomorrow.

We've planned out meals for the day. It's really important to eat well to stay mentally sharp. And to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Did I mention that it's hot?

WSOP 2014 Main Event! And, we're back.

LAS VEGAS -- Why am I surprised every July when the initial heat just knocks me out?

Larry will start tomorrow in Day 1C of the Main Event. Right now the Day 1B group is playing. Yesterday's 1A group was about 700. Don't know what will happen tomorrow. It feels like it might be bigger than last year, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Right now Larry is playing a sit-and-go. 10 players, one table. (There are many of these one-table sit-and-go tournaments going on.) Whoever is left of the 10 who started wins a buy-in to the Main Event. As I was leaving when Larry went to the table (only 2 people at the table at that time -- they had to wait until 10 people registered), I saw Greg Raymer, a poker pro (, standing in line. He's now at Larry's table! I've got to get back over there and see what's going on.