Monday, August 23, 2021

Goodbye to the Red Dolly

I was finally ready to give away my well-used, well-loved, red, metal handcart a/k/a "the dolly." I bought it many years ago at Rolliers in Mount Lebanon with my father-in-law (who was also well-loved). It was a big purchase at that time.

Just to be sure to spell "dolly" correctly, I googled it, and a picture of Dolly Parton came up. She has definitely held up better. She's not bent or chipped, and her wheels aren't ready to come off in pieces.

Since Goodwill is overloaded with donations these days, I decided to give dolly and a few other things to VVA, the Vietnam Veterans of America. They pick up, and I'm grateful that they do that. 

I marked everything VVA.

I went to run errands, and when I returned, I could see that the pile of stuff was gone.

Except for dolly. 

Even tagged for removal, she refused. She's back in her corner in the garage. I'll try again next time. Or maybe I won't.