Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 2, Still Chugging Along

LAS VEGAS -- Larry is still in. Maybe 30k chips when I stepped away. Up some, down some. I sat with him for the first level because he was at a seat at the table where he couldn't pull all the way in (table leg in the way). It was fun. I could see what was going on, not that I understand much. But then they broke down his table. They "break" tables when people at other tables have busted out. They move an entire table and distribute them to other tables where there is an empty seat. Now he's at a seat where he can reach the chips.

Phil Hellmuth is at a feature table. Didn't have a chance to look for other pros still in.

Next break at 4:20. Fingers crossed.

Some stats:

6,683 people registered representing 83 different countries

693 will get paid (place 693 will get $18,405)

280 women (even less than I imagined)

Average age:  39.28 years

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