Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Made it to Day 2!

LAS VEGAS -- Just dragging ourselves out of bed. That was a loooong day.

Everyone started with 30k chips. Larry's stack hovered around 20k almost all day. And then finally after dinner he won a big hand, and then a few small ones. 41,250 at end of day.

Place 1,148 out of 3,300+ still left. 6,683 played on Day 1. They usually lose about 40% after Day 1, but this year it was closer to 50%.

Several Pittsburgh people still in that we know of.

I ran into Aaron Paul (Jessie Pinkman from Breaking Bad) a couple of times. Was too tired by then to ask for a photo, but he was being really gracious of people asking him.He was there to support a friend who was playing.

Check WSOP.com to see stats. Although it always takes a while for them to get all of the previous day stats recorded. A lot of moving parts to keep track of.



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