Monday, July 9, 2012

Gaining Steam, Losing Steam

LAS VEGAS -- It's 9:55 p.m. and I'm in the cafeteria/only place with tables. Larry just texted:  47,000. Everyone started the day with 30,000 chips. He has been hovering around 20,000. But he seems to be getting more comfortable, playing his game. I, on the other hand, feel like a deflated balloon. Between not sleeping well and toting all our electronic devices and food and extra clothes (which Larry needed because it's freezing in here today -- a guy at his table had to buy a hoodie), I'm tuckered out. If he lasts through the rest of the day, which ends just before 1 a.m., then he has tomorrow off and plays Wednesday. 

Jason Alexander is still in. He's a few tables down from Larry. Don't know why I don't want to take a picture. He must get sick of being "George Costanza," so I guess I won't add to the intrusion. 

People are busting out a bit more now that there are antes and the blinds have started to go up. I think it's $25 ante, $100/200. 

Fewer players than last year, but still a mob. I think the total is 6,660 this year because they are paying the top 10% and they announced that 666 players will money....The bubble person, number 667, wins entry into next year's event.




  1. Is there a tracker of the head count of people in? Some kind of board that lets you know how many remain? ALSO, hangover secret but Coconut Water (is kind of a new fad) but is also chock full of electrolytes. Keep us updated and keep snapping pics! He's got a fan in Porterville California!

  2. Hi Greg -- I posted the WSOP website info. If you find any other source, let me know. I think is also covering it. Haven't had time to read. Thanks!