Sunday, July 15, 2012

An Australia Tail

FROM SYDNEY VIA PITTSBURGH -- Hannah's in Sydney this summer (winter there) interning for Google. This is a story from Hannah-Down-Under:

A friend of a friend owns a bunch of property around Balmain and was telling her about a house she rents out that has two separate units -- one upstairs and one downstairs. The downstairs people called and told her that the upstairs people were being too noisy and that they were stomping around. So she went over to the house and up to the 2nd floor and knocked and said, "The guys downstairs said you are being pretty loud. Maybe try to walk a little softer." The second floor tenants looked at each other and said, "Actually, we have a baby kangaroo." They had adopted it for a few weeks to help out a local veterinarian. It lived in a little pillow case and hopped around (and apparently had perfect little ears.) The people downstairs went up to meet it and fell in love and everyone was happy.

I have requested pictures.


  1. Sounds like a Friends episode except instead of a duck its kangaroo. There's still a "Joey" involved.

    I also like the new twist the blog is taking. Keep going down this road.

  2. Greg, Thanks for being my fan. That makes you my number 1 fan. (or any number you'd like!)