Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2,283 to Play Today

LAS VEGAS -- Larry's in 603rd place in terms of number of chips held by today's players. Anything can happen. Yesterday, the overall chip leader at the start of the day ended up busting out. Don't have time to search for yesterday's complete results, but I will later.

There will come a time, maybe even early on today, that L will push all in. I hope that I'm nearby at the time, but if I'm not, I might get a text that says, "I'm out" or "doubled up." Hoping for the latter.

Yesterday was the hottest day of a normally hot July here. It was 114 degrees. I don't care if it's dry, that's just stinking hot. Like being under a broiler. Ironically enough, we had to go shopping for a jacket. It was so cold on Monday that the jacket Larry brought isn't the right one. We ended up at an Under Armour outlet store and found a good jacket. He picked black, but for a minute we both considered the chartreuse-colored one. But not really.

We will get over there a little early so L can get a berry smoothie with a protein boost and maybe banana before play starts at noon. Breakfast was an egg-white sandwich on sprouted grain bread, a white nectarine and green tea, all stuff we got at Whole Foods yesterday. All Whole Foods have a flower section. This one, the Las Vegas one, has pre-made wedding bouquets. Just in case.


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