Friday, August 31, 2012

Larry's Poker Journey Continues

PITTSBURGH -- After returning from the WSOP, it was hard for Larry to go back to Rivers Casino and play just old regular tournaments. But he has played some, and he's done pretty well.

Last Saturday, he decided to go for it, to win the noon tournament no matter what. I dropped him off and didn't find out until later in the afternoon that that particular Saturday noon tournament was a deeper-than-normal deep stack. It was a guaranteed $25,000 prize pool with a $500 buy-in. The usual Saturday chip stack is around 12,000 to start. This one was 30,000. Instead of 20-minute levels, the levels were 40 minutes.  It had the potential to be a long day.

By the dinner break at 8:15, Larry had more than the average chip stack. I met him in the poker room as the break started, and we went upstairs to a lovely buffet dinner.... It's a tough place to eat for vegetarians who no longer eat gluten or wheat flour and who eat very little sugar. (I'm the still-eats-some-sugar person. Half a brownie. It didn't kill me.)

As play started again at 9:15, there were 14 players left out of 60. 

There was one other wife sitting behind her husband. She had been there since noon.

At midnight there were 12 players. The final table came together just after midnight. By 2 a.m., the remaining 5 players had been battling it out for a while. FINALLY, everyone agreed to chop the pot. 

Hey WSOP Main Event, take that. 


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