Sunday, August 12, 2012

What is this?


It's a camera!! A Lytro camera. I can't even explain how it works except that you don't have to focus (in fact you CAN'T focus), and it supposedly takes in all the light it sees and turns it into pixels that you can then fix however you'd like AFTER the picture is taken and downloaded. This is a picture I took with it while at lunch in Shadyside today:

Many staples (and a few nails, for those really heavy flyers) from many past events imbedded into a telephone pole. Apparently if the phone company has to make a repair, they'll just put up a whole new pole.

These are photos of pretty much the same thing taken with my phone's camera:

Both interesting. Or not. It's just a bunch of staples. But it kind of looks like a tree that's been singed.

Here are photos of things I like better than staples. I saw all of these things at lunch, too:

Our kiddo back from Australia, trying to figure out the camera with Larry.
 If mom is "mum" in Australia, is dad "dud?" How about "dude?"

Sunglass models.


  1. Where/how'd you get your hands on that camera? Did Larry get it for a reason or just a new gadget?

    Glad HP is back safe!

  2. For work-related stuff, but he always likes to be the first kid on the playground with a new toy.