Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blue Slide / Bark

SQUIRREL HILL, Pa. -- There is a piece of Frick Park on Beechwood Boulevard near Forward Avenue that is sometimes called Blue Slide Park. Beside the entrance to the dog park, a slide is cut into a hill near the playground's swing set. The slide is painted blue, but after use by a lot of Pittsburghers' butts, now old red paint is showing through. Grab a flattened cardboard box and take a slide.

She's not sitting still. She's sliding on a piece of cardboard.

It might seem like I'm changing the subject here, but stick with me. Perhaps you have heard of rapper Mac Miller. He's from Pittsburgh, and he wrote and recorded a rap called "Blue Slide Park." Sorry rap-addicts, but to me it's mind numbing drivel, even torture. But apparently lots of somebodies out there don't agree with me because it's made a lot of money and made Mac famous.

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