Sunday, September 30, 2012

Family Wedding

CARLISLE, Pa. -- My cousin Mark got married this weekend at the Cameron-Masland Mansion at Kings Gap. His new wife, Linda, is welcomed into the family with open arms.

The mansion sits atop 2,500 acres of what is now a state park. We had the entire building just for the wedding party and guests, about 70 in total.

Mark and Linda with her family

Mark with a cast on his leg sits in a seat that a friend of his built. His son Jaysen is best man.

Picking up petals.

Just as the reception was starting, we were all brought back outside by the sunset. We took it as a sign of good luck.

My uncle Vern and cousin Jaysen. Happy 92nd birthday Uncle Vern!
Cousin Donna and her husband Irwin, Uncle Vern and Mark at breakfast.
The fire alarm went off just after this was taken.The toaster set it off. The park ranger said that if he didn't call the fire department right away, they would send a couple of trucks. It's 4 miles of winding road up to the mansion, and the siren can be heard for about 15 minutes as the trucks make their way up the hill. He caught them before they left. Apparently the toaster has wreaked havoc before.

Waiting at a railroad crossing on my drive home, this was the "moo" from my car window.

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