Saturday, July 6, 2013

2013 WSOP Main Event -- Let the Games Begin

LAS VEGAS -- We're here, and it seems that thousands of others are too. Today was the first day of the Main Event, Day 1A. Larry was going to start to play tomorrow, Day 1B, but he decided to wait until Monday, Day 1C. That's the day that will have the most players, by far (I'm predicting, based on last year). We stopped over to look around, and the first person I saw was Vanessa Selbst. And then I remembered that just because we haven't been here for a month or more, most of the poker pros have been here non-stop since the WSOP events began in May because this is what they do.

So we're planning on a quiet day tomorow, but you never know. I will keep you posted.

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