Monday, July 8, 2013

Larry's Still In, Even After a Bad Beat

LAS VEGAS -- Larry's full house lost to a royal flush. That's a bad beat, having such a strong hand and then losing.

He's still in it, and he plays really well short handed, but it's tough. He's got maybe 27,000 chips. Everyone started with 20,000, and he was up close to 40,000. He doesn't get flustered, so we'll see. There are now 3 pros at his table. Two guys are actually playing a game of Chinese poker online against each other on their iPads when they aren't involved in hands. And they're both texting, too. They've got to hit brain overload at some point.

6,352 folks entered. The website says about 1,900 left, but that might be just the total left from Day 1A and 1B.


  1. Wow... a royal flush on a full house.... that sucks. Great to see you overcame!

  2. The dealer said he hadn't seen a royal flush for a year.