Friday, May 31, 2013

WSOP Six-Hand, After the First Break

LAS VEGAS -- As of now there are exactly 1,000 players registered. I'm not sure if registration continues or if that will be the total number. (Some players who bust out early buy in again, and some people just register late.)

Larry won a few, lost a few. Has about 4,600 chips. There are only 5 players at his table, and the chip count is fairly even, although he's probably a bit on the shorter side. Very few tables have 6 players.

During the break, the bracelet ceremony for Event #1 was held. Players had to be casino employees for that event. The winner was Chad Holloway, a writer for PokerNews. The winner's National Anthem is played for each event's winner. Poker is a sport, like water polo or ping pong. Somebody has to win.

Larry just texted that he got hammered on 2 hands in a row. Can't give up.

But in case today doesn't go so well, there are events starting tomorrow and Sunday.

Just lost another hand. Pocket jacks lost to pocket queens. Life support.

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