Saturday, April 27, 2013


LAWRENCEVILLE NEIGHBORHOOD OF PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- WERK is a work in progress, a labor of love that is the brainchild of Jenn Gooch, artist, musician, seamstress, CMU grad and creative person extraordinaire.

In a storefront in the insanely hip Lawrenceville neighborhood, Jenn has set up her WERK space that includes her tailoring business, hats and bow ties for sale (made by her), metallic jewelry and quilts (made by her), artwork for sale (some made by her, some made by others), and the hope of teaching gender-neutral learn-to-sew classes and maybe even classes in weaving.

When I stopped in, Jenn was measuring the sleeves of a jacket that a young woman was having altered. WERK has only been open since last week, and already she has stacks of alterations. She's hoping to acquire funding to help her build her brand. The very best to you, Jenn!

This is ONE shirt. One extra crazy super long shirt.  

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