Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Wild Rumpus in Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota -- I'll bet it's not what you think. Wild Rumpus is one of the most marvelous children's bookstores I've ever visited.

A door within a door.

This independent bookstore has been open for twenty years and is going strong. Reps from the Mall of America, which is nearby, once approached them. "Open in our giant mall," they said. But the Wild Rumpus stayed put. The owner decided that instead of being "conveniently located at the Mall of America where parking is never a problem," he would rather be "inconveniently located in the Small of America where parking is always a problem."

First of all, the books:

Second of all, the animals:

Billina a/k/a Carl Sagan. I forgot to ask about that name.

Carl Sagan checking out my purse.


Spike, eating lunch.
Third of all, cat versus dog. A customer came in with her small dog, and she didn't know about the cat. The cat saw the dog first:

The customer will come back another day, without the dog.

And fourth, snow in Minnesota. They had 8 inches the other day, but it's starting to warm up. Ice on Lake Harriet in Linden Hills is shrinking:

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