Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Beam Me Up, Scottish-infused University

PITTSBURGH -- CMU was founded by Andrew Carnegie, Scottsman, businessman, industrialist, philanthropist, and go ahead and add a few descriptions of your own, good or bad. Whatever you think of Andrew Carnegie nearly 100 years after his death, Carnegie Mellon University retains some of his Scottish heritage.

CMU's mascot is "Scotty," a real Scottish terrier, seen here with his brothers Chase and Murray: Too bad  I couldn't find a picture of them dressed in their Tartan plaid.

CMU has bagpipers (see my post from November 16, 2012).

The reason I felt like I was being beamed up from campus is this monitor that makes video look like it's being shaken in a snow globe. The molecules on the right are me walking down the hall:

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