Saturday, June 2, 2012

Taper to the WSOP

PITTSBURGH -- Larry played in a tournament last night at Rivers Casino. Approximately 92 entrants, a big crowd for just a typical tournament. Okay, he busted out about two hours in, but most of the players weren't there to practice for the WSOP. A crazy Friday night amalgam of humanity, mostly they would all just stay in every hand because they might get lucky. So it's not such great practice.

Over the past two weeks, he's played 4 tournaments and won twice. The number of folks registered ranged from 35 to the above-mentioned 92. So every tournament is different. It's good to face the unexpected.

Other preparations:  sunglasses or no sunglasses? A card cover or not? Or which one? Can he stay in it today no matter what cards he gets and no matter who is playing? Where will we eat in Vegas during the tournament? And what? Yes, it's like tapering for a swimming meet. Except no Speedos allowed.


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  1. Oh, I'm glad you're worried about what to eat in Vegas. Thats the mother I know and love.