Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Trends?

HONOLULU -- Trend #1:  elevators. To ride the elevator at our hotel, instead of jumping into the first open elevator, there is a key pad where you punch in your floor number and it flashes which elevator (A-E) will open for you and take you directly to your designated floor. It's a great improvement, especially at quiet times like 5:00 a.m. (since we're up and out, still on east coast time). 

Trend #2:  shoes. At Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (the sprawl that is the Atlanta airport), I saw a young woman wearing very high-heeled pumps -- one was black and the other was beige, but they were they same style of shoe. Perhaps she had done a lousy job packing. Perhaps she was barely awake when she dressed that morning. Or she did it on purpose. Or perhaps I was way over-tired and frustrated because Delta had taken Larry's wheelchair apart and couldn't put it back together, and my over-taxed brain imaged those 2 different shoes. 


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