Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Fountain and the Three Rivers Arts Festival

PITTSBURGH'S POINT STATE PARK -- It's time again for the Three Rivers Arts Festival. It usually rains, but yesterday was stellar, warm, partly sunny. And the place was packed, as packed as a a multi-acre outdoor space can be.

The new improved version of the Point's fountain was in full bloom (with Heinz Field in the background, across the river).

My friend Wendy and I biked to the festival and were happy to see that Bike Pittsburgh had set up bike valet service. A tremendous success.

Here's Rebecca Susman, Membership & Outreach Manager for Bike Pittsburgh. Thanks, Becca!
Lots to look at and listen to and eat and buy.

Even the trash cans were dressed up for the occasion.

A jewelry box I'd love to have. Hand made in New Hampshire by Dave Morrison (Dave's Woodcraft).

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