Saturday, March 9, 2013

WSOP and Atlantic City After Sandy

ATLANTIC CITY -- Larry is playing in WSOP events this weekend at Caesar's. I walked the Boardwalk today (the first sunny day here in a long time, I believe), about 4 miles in all, I estimate. I walked from Caesar's to one end and back and then a good long way the other direction and then back. My dogs are barking. Not much damage is noticeable on the Boardwalk itself.

Ripley's Believe it or Not has a facade of fake damage:

Across the Boardwalk, there is some actual damage:

Repairs, or maybe new construction, proceed near the pier where carnival rides, undamaged by the storm, carry screeching passengers:

Tomorrow I plan to walk around the neighborhood of our hotel. We're staying at Revel, a completely non-smoking hotel and casino! It's less than a year old, and it's a huge upgrade from our stay at Harrah's a couple of months back.

Revel is way at the end of the Boardwalk. Looking out our window, at a scene that is beyond the end of the Boardwalk, homes sit boarded up, and perhaps there were some here that were demolished. The remaining buildings look like the little houses and hotels in Monopoly.

It was maybe 45 degrees today, but that didn't stop the surfers:

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