Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Made It! Market

PITTSBURGH'S SOUTHSIDE -- Billed as a "Nomadic Indie Crafts Marketplace," this annual crafts fair (my first time) was packed on a bitter cold afternoon. I forgot both of my real cameras, so this is what I got using my phone:

Upcycled mittens from Second Season.

Gluten-free goodies from The G-Spot Revolution. www.thegspotrevolutioncom. These are pupcakes, gluten-free treats for doggies:

Gluten-free goodies for humans.

Theresa Baughman, Milliner. She makes custom hats.

Wool pigs from Lazypeas.

Bracelets made from typewriter keys. I bought a necklace with an L from an old typewriter.

Junxtaposition at

A terrarium made with Pennsylvania fossils and plants.

Custom-made terrariums

Repurposed wood from Wood-N-You Like it.

Banks made with recycled wood.

Lap quilts and back warmers from ZoBaby.

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  1. thanks for the props leah !!! glad you found us and has a good time !! hope to see you again.!!
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