Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pittsburgh Poker Open

PITTSBURGH (duh) -- Larry's a winner! Well, he's always a winner in general, but last night (actually early this morning), he won his first poker trophy. Ain't it a beaut?

Rivers Casino is holding a week-long series of tournaments to determine the "best poker player in Pittsburgh." Larry won the No Limit Texas Hold 'Em "Triple Chance." I think that meant that in addition to the buy-in, it included two more smaller buy-ins for chips to be added at any time during the tournament.

The tournament started at 7:15 p.m. with 65 players. Larry texted at around 9:30, "It's moving fast. Will have to make a move soon." And then I didn't hear for a while. Finally, at around 11, he said to come on down. The blinds are going up really fast. So I went there expecting to pick him up after either busting out or winning by 11:30. Wrong. At 2:44 a.m. we left with his lovely trophy. Such is poker.

Larry chopped the pot with one other guy. They each signed for their winnings and then the two piles of cash were combined to be split evenly. The other guy did the splitting. This morning, we both realized that the guy seemingly gave himself a little extra. Perhaps he'll be playing again this weekend when Larry plays again. It should make for an interesting conversation.

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