Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Puppet Shows on Demand

PITTSBURGH -- I was strolling downtown on Sunday, soaking up October sunshine on a 75-degree afternoon. I had just scored a ticket to the opera, Rigoletto. I had intended to buy a ticket, but a man had entered the box office and asked those of us standing in line, "Does anybody need one seat?" To which I replied that yes, I needed one seat. To which he replied, "Happy Birthday." He handed me a ticket and walked out the door before I could think what to say. Thank you anonymous ticket giver.

Anyway, I saw a couple of interesting sights on my stroll:

Too bad Zach doesn't work on Sundays.

The old, weathered sign on the building where Duff's Business Institute used to live on Ninth Street. Where I went to school in the '70s.

Rigoletto was terrific. The soprano's high note at the end of Act II brought tears to people's eyes.

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